Thursday, June 13, 2019

Final Reflection

The first aspect of my final project, the photoshopped sharks, is worthy of being a final project because of the attention to detail I put into it. I focused on the color schemes, the levels, the reflections on the glass, and the sharks’ shadows. I found it difficult to make the sharks look like they were REALLY under the water and that they all were in the same environment. For my artwork, I worked so hard to try and employ my creativity. There is a difference between someone who uses an art tablet just because they think it looks fancy, and the actual challenge of learning how to use it, as well as the art programs utilized in creating art. I had to use different layers, understand the tools and filter options in the program, and all of the other trinkets available. I had to export the file from a .sai file to a .psd file, and back again while going from one art program to another. And for the audio portion, I had to take distance into consideration, and learn how to adjust the levels of the audio to make it sound far away. I have grown during this project and I am proud of my work. 

Friday, April 5, 2019


Rowan Rountree-Hanscom
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Assistant at Pottery Barn.

Sandwich High School.   Sandwich, Massachusetts        September 2016 - May 2020
Valued Student
  • Full time honor roll student.
  • Represented school art club on several occasions.
  • President of National Art Honors Society.
  • Involved in the setting up of school art events, my own art included.
  • Pottery teacher’s personal class assistant in Senior year of high school.

  • Proficient with a variety of digital art tablets.
  • The ability to sketch, design characters and concept art.
  • Open-minded and capable of using multifarious tools for art.
  • Experienced with Google Suite.
  • Well organized and trustworthy.
  • Good social skills, willing to work hard.

  • Received many art-related school awards.
  • Won seconds place in congressional art competition. (Submitted through school.)
  • High Honor roll multiple years.
  • Won pottery award in 10th grade.
  • Won art award in 9th grade.

  • Involved in the Sandwich Arts Alliance.
  • Contributed over 26 hours of public art service through the Honors Art Society in high school.
  • Nominated president of National Art Honors Society in Junior year of high school.

  • Listening to music.
  • All forms of art.
  • Video games.
  • Character design and story development.