Friday, February 15, 2019

Fake Articles

The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus - This website is honestly hilarious. It is clearly fake, and was probably created to sell 'tree octopus' merchandise for the people who thought it was real. And if you go to the sightings page, there are so many photo shopped/edited/fake images, it made me laugh. There are even images of octopus toys places on branches, and they claimed they were real. 

Buy An Ancestor - I'm pretty sure that this is illegal in some sort. Either way, even if the website was real, how would you be able to 'buy' an ancestor? Yes, it is intended to be able to brag about your ancestors, but you could honestly just lie to your friends about that anyway. This site was clearly made to fool people into giving them money for nothing in return. It's not like you can sue them, you can't find anything about them other than this bogus website. 

Dog Island Free Forever - This website honestly worries me. Some radical, crazy people would probably fall for this and actually try to send their poor dogs off to some illegal, creepy people who they have no idea where or who they are. There is clearly no 'Dog Island'. Hopefully nobody has actually sent dogs to the place listed on this website. The people who receive them probably just take the dogs and sell them off to some illegal black market for a lot of money.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Forced Perspective

 I wanted to try one picture of forced perspective, and one from the video.
For the first picture, I drew a picture of just a portion of the corner of my room, and alligned it to the objects I had drawn. I really like this creative, fun forced perspective trick, and I think it came out really nice.
For the picture I tried out from the video, I attempted the first trick where they ran around the person shooting the pano. I had a friend take the picture while I ran around him. I have actually done this before, but doing it again was fun and I think it came out really well!